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Rameswaram is the one of the important holy place for Hindu religion being a part of the “Char Dhan” pilgrimage, which is located in the Pamban Island surrounded by the gulf of Mannar and separated from the Indian main land by the Pamban Channel. Rameswaram is connected to the main land by the Pamban Bridge. Rameshvaram tour packages from Kerala promise you to visit Rameshvaram. It is a cantilever railroad bridge, which can be raised to allow ships to pass under it. According to Hindu Mythology, God Rama built of a floating Bridge Starting from here to Lanka to rescue sita, his wife from her abductor Ravana, The damn king of Lanka. The important places of Rameswaram are Ramanathaswamy Temple, PANDAN Bridge , Agrithirthane, Adams Bridge, Dhanushkodi Thirthan, Uthirakosamangai Temple, Kothandara Swamy Temple and Gandamadana Parvathan.

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