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Pondicherry which is known as Pondicherry is an important and popular Tourist destination in India. It is an agglomerated urban municipality of the union territory, Puducherry. Though the history of the city leads to the dynasties of South India such as the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas etc…., only after the French took the possession of Pondicherry , it acquired the importance which it cherish now. Only on 01 November 1954 Puducherry joined the Indian union and earlier it was under the jurisdiction of the French. Being situated at the same level of the sea, a two kilometer long sea wall of 27 ft. height was made by the French authorities to save the city from sea waves, in 1735 and the succeeding governments have been protecting the wall by repairing the wall and adding boulders when and where required. Now Pondicherry is famous and numerous universities and colleges providing all the resources for the research and education. A few tourist spot at Pondicherry are promenade beach , matrimoudir Aourobindo Ashram, French war memorial the auroville beach serenity beach, Puducherry Botanical Gardens, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Thirukamees warar Temple, Immaculate Couception. Temple and basilica of the secret heart of Jesus. Pondicheri tour packages from Kerala offere you trip to Pondichery with full security in your journey.

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