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Mahabalipuram which is also known as Mahabalipuram, is a tour in Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu. It is situated in between Chennai and Pondycherry. Being a historic place, it was very busy port city during the period of ancient rules and emperors in south India. The Pallava Dynasty period starting from the 4th Century to 9th Century has been the golden era of Mahabalipuram . A serious of RATHA (Charist) shaped temples, cave sanctuaries and giant open air rock relief were made by carving rock of the coromandel coast. The shore Temple adorned with thousands of sculptures of Loard siva was also built during the Pallava ruler Narasimha Varma II in 728 A.D. It is also one of the oldest stone temples in India. The group of monuments of Mahabalipuram is enlisted is a UNESCO world heritage site since including the shore Temple are the Pancha Ratha Temples abdicated to the PANDVAS of Mahabarat era, Ganesh Ratha , Several cave temples such as varaha Cave Temple, Krishna Cave Temple, Mahishasuramardini Mandapa , Panch Panadava Cave Temple, Structural Temples like shore temples, Olakkanneswara Temple, and one of the open air rock-relief in the world called the Descend of the gangers. Enjoy the Mahabalipuram tourist place with tour packages from Kerala.

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