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Situated in the sivaganga Region of Tamil Nadu, Chettinad glazes the beauty and rich craftsmanship and social legally of Dravidian culture in Tamil Nadu. A ride to Chettinad will be altogether a driving experience for the vacationer as the spot is full with admirable. Fascinating sustenance and be wildering representations of Dravidian Architecture. Chettianad is famous mostly for it is non – vegetarian cuisines, prepared using a large variety of spices and these dishes are mainly of Chicken ,lamb ,prawn , fish and crab. Chettianad is also famous as the land of Chettiras , who are mainly businessman and entrepreneurs. The places of interest for tourists are mainly, Athmanatha swamy Temple, Chettiar clan Temple, Karpaga Vinayagar Temple, Kumban Mani Mandapam and Kaviarsar Kannadasan Mani Mandapam. Chettinad tour packages from Kerala will make you to visit this place with full energy.

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