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“The Golden City of India”, Jaisalmer got its name from Maharawal Jaisal Singh, a Rajput king who established the city in 1156. The golden coloured sand and the sandstones used in the buildings and palaces of Jaisalmer have given the name to it. Being located in the desert area, Jaisalmer has a scarcity of water. Relish your Jaisalmar at Rajastan from Jaisalmar tour packages from Kerala. There is only one small river called “Kakni” in this area which stops its flowing after reaching Jaisalmer to form a lake called “ Lake or Jheel” and this lake is the main source of water for the people of this area. Visit the Golden City with Jaisalmar tour packages from Kerala.

Jaisalmer fort is situated on the Meru hill is the main tourist attraction, and this fort had been venue for a numerous wars. The specialty of this fort is that a quarter of the city’s population reside in the fort itself, even now. The royal palace and Jain temples and the Laxminath temples are also situated in the fort premises. The other attractions of Jaisalmer are the Gardsisar Lake, Jaisalmer Fort, Palace museum, Government museum, Cactus Park Museum etc.

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