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Ajmer is one of the largest cities of Rajasthan and tap up the expedition with Ajmer tour packages from Kerala. It is surrounded by the Aravalli ranges and 135 km away from Jaipur, the state capital Ajmer was ruled by Prithwi Raj Singh Chouhan in the 12th Century, along with Delhi, and he was the last Hindu king who sat up on the throne of Delhi Ajmer id mostly , famous as a pilgrimage centre for the shrine of Kwaja Minuddin Chishti, where Pilgrims of all cast and creed reach to pay range and pray at the Tomb of the Sufi Saint. It is also considered as the starting point for the Hindu pilgrims who visit pushkar, famous for the Temple of Brahma.

Ajmer tour packages from Kerala shows you the main attraction other than the dargah of Kwajah Moinuddin Chista are the Akbari Mosque, Taragarh Fort, Adhai Din Ka Jhonpda ( a Vaishnav Hindu temple Built in 1153, which later converted into a mosque by a Muslim ruler, Qutubuddin Aibak ) Magazine the cities museum, Maqbarah of Shaik Hussian, Mayo College, lake foy Sagar, lake Ana Sagar and Nareli Jain Temple.

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