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Rajasthan Travel Guide

Rajasthan, the largest state in India by area lies on the western part of India. It has a total area of 3, 42,249 sq. km amounting almost of 10.25% of the whole India. It was earlier known as Rajputana which means the “Land of Kings”. There were a lot of powerful kings who ruled various parts of Rajasthan; hence one can see that Rajasthan is abundant in palaces and forts all over. Most of Rajasthan’s area is covered by desert, called The Great Indian Thar desert. It is also known as the Rajasthan desert. Rajasthan tour packages from Kerala will show you the share the border with Pakisthani provinces of Punjab and Sindh, hence it is a tactically important and sensitive area considering the border strategy of India.It passes collateral to the Indus-Sutlej stream valley.

Rajasthan tour packages from Kerala offer you the best tour packages and tourism is one of the main and blooming industry in Rajasthan, having a number of forts and palaces, temples with carved sculptures and decorated havelis, which attract the foreign and native tourists in large numbers. The only hill destinations in Rajasthan, Mount Abu, Ranthambore National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Pushkar Lake are the main attractions for the tourists who love the nature and wildlife.

Rajasthan's way of life is spoken to in there society melodies and moves. The Kalbeliya and Ghoomer move structure from Udaipur and Jaisalmer is world popular at this point. People moves and music is an essential piece of Rajasthani society. Rajasthani Folk tunes and move are for the most part in view of brave of Rajputana warriors and romantic tales. There is extensive variety of people society from towns which is regularly depicted and is illustrative of the Rajasthan. To a great degree refined established music and hit the dance floor with its own particular diverse style is a piece of the social custom of Rajasthan. The music is basic and melodies speak to everyday connections and tasks, all the more frequently focusing around getting water from wells or lakes. Rajasthan tour packages from Kerala will make you to experience the beauty of the places that is available in Rajasthan.