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Sree Nagar


Srinagar is the state's capital, is the first stop for most adventurers to Kashmir. Travel to Srinagar by plane is an unforgettable experience. Passing over mirage range of snowcappedmountains, the city suddenly appears like a bright gem glittering in a Valley of green meadows rivers and lakes. All along the roads, wide avenues of tall Chinars backing on to lush paddy fields welcome the visitors. The vast Dal lake with its significant calm and cool water is one of the main attractions of Srinagar. Kashmir tour packages from Kerala always visit Srinagar with many tourists and it is awesome place to visit. The houseboats and Shikaras spread over the Dal lake make the visitors satisfied only when they could spend an extraordinary bit of their excursion on board of theses waterborne flotels. Whether you put your vitality in Srinagar exploring its various angles or simply relaxing up by the lake banks, you will wind up passing on home memories of a fragile, refined gloriousness that props the resources and unclutters your brain to peace. Make your trip with Kashmir tour packages from Kerala and enjoy your vacation with your family and friends.

Attractions in Kashmir