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Mughal Garden

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Mughal Gardens With terraced yards, falling wellsprings, paint-box-brilliant flowerbeds with the display of the Dal lake before them - the three Mughal Gardens of Chesmashahi, Nishat and Shalimar are the Mughal Emperors' idea of heaven and are today exceptionally mainstream places for picnics and trips.

Shalimar Garden :The Shalimar Gardens was conceived by The Emperor Jahangir as a private recreation area for his wife Noor Jahan in AD 1616 and he considered it as “Garden of Love”. It comprises four shallow terraces each rising above the other and a Canal running through the center. The garden is full of clipped hedges, flower beds and avenues of Chinar trees. In the center, there is a small marble palace.

Nishat Garden : Nur Jahan’s brother Asuf Khan was the man behind laying this “ Garden of Bliss”- Nishat Garden to the public in 1633. It is bigger and better version of Shalimar garden with steep escalating terraces, lovely walkways, waterfalls, pavilions, a popular picnic park and superb views over the lake. We can see at distance, Hasratbal Mosque with its wonderful dome against a glorious backdrop of the Zabarwan mountains.

Chashmashahi Garden : Chashmashahi garden was built by the emperor Shah Jahan at the foothills of Zabarwan range, in 1632, after discovering a spring( Chashma ) by a Kashmir saint woman Rupa Bhawani, as a gift to his elder son, Dara. It is constructed artistically with Iranian influence in its art, design and architecture. The garden is built surrounding the spring with terraces abundant in plants and beautiful flowers.

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