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The Kabini forest reserve is an outstanding natural life destination of Karnataka, as it provides a feast to the nature lovers, and it is also said that the tour of Karnataka never fulfils it one does not visit Kabiniandkabani tour packages from Kerala will show you a different experiance in your journey . This reserve forests coincide with the Nagar hole nature reserve. The Kabini dam built in the mstigudi lake, separates the Nagar hole Nature reserve from the Bandipur reserve forest situated on the banks of the river Kabini in 55 acres of forest area, it has steep valleys and rippling water bodies. By going on safari through the forest of Kabini we shall watch the wild life very closely, and on the way we shall spot many types of herbivores like antelopes sambars and chitals, wild bores, Vriouse Categorys of monkeys and of course large groups of elephants large number of predators, tigers and Indian arid Dogs called dholes can also be seen in Kabini forest reserve. Kabani tour packages from Kerala provide all security in your tripping with affordable rate.

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