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Munnar Travel Guide

Periyar National Park,

Periyar National Park, was built up as a national park in the 1982.lying on the outskirt of another south Indian state Tamil Nadu, it is situated in southern Western Ghats, settled in the midst of Pandalam Hills and Cardamom Hills.

Untamed life Mammals

An ensured range in the areas of Idukki and Pathanamthitta in Kerala, Periyar National Park has around 62 assortments of well evolved creatures alongside a couple undermined ones as well. Alongside elephants around 1000 in number and tigers around 53 in numbers, there panthers, Nilgiri Tahr, woofing deer, wild hogs 4 types of langurs, foxes, Dholes, sambar (horse deer), mongoose, and so on as well.

Flying creatures

The With 320 avifauna species, this national park is entirely prevalent in the midst of fowl watchers. Cormorants, Malabar Pied Hornbill, racket-tailed Drongos, darters, blue winged parakeets, the considerable kingfishers thus on are a portion of the fowl assortments found here.


Kerala Holiday packages in Periyar National Park is very acclaimed for the assortment of butterflies, it houses, which is around 160 in number. Some of these butterflies are noxious as well.


In the water assets of the secured territory of the recreation center there are 38 unique sorts of fishes, out of which 4 are normal toward the Western Ghats including Salmon and Trout.


Around 45 distinct sorts of reptile species can be found in this national stop that incorporates 13 types of reptile, 30 sorts of snakes, for example, Python and King Cobra and two turtles.


More than 75 percent of the ensured zone of Park is evergreen and semi-evergreen downpour timberland that houses various tall tropical tree species, for example, Vateria indica Bischofia javanica Hopea parviflora and so on 7 percent is Eucalyptus ranch, 13 percent comprises of sodden leaves woodland, 1.5 percent is meadow and the Lake covers the staying 3.5 percent. Periyar and Pamba River are the 2 water assets of the recreation center.
That is not all. Periyar National Park has around 350 groups of therapeutic plants. There are around 3 sorts of seed plants, 170 specoes pf greeneries and 3 more than 2000 sorts of blooming plants. The recreation center additionally brags of having 145 assortments of Orchids and 169 sorts of sweet grasses.

Untamed life Safaris inside the Periyar National Park

You can enjoy natural life seeing in 3 ways-vessel riding and engine dispatches on the Lake Periyar and a 30-minute elephant ride inside the woodland. Out of these, watercraft ride is the most well known approach to recognize the untamed life dwelling in their regular environment. One of the real highlights of watercraft riding is review crowds of elephants extinguishing their thirst from the lake waters. Respect the lavish greenery sprinkled surrounding you. These pontoon rides are accessible twice per day, once in the morning and after that at night. While the outside nationals need to pay INR 300, the Indian guests need to pay INR 25. If it's not too much trouble observe that, you need to pay additional charges for pontoon safari and passage of vehicle.

Kerala Holiday packages in Periyar National Park

Dissimilar to the vast majority of the other national parks, Periyar National Park is not shut amid the rainstorm season. Relatively few know that it is well known as one of the best destinations for investigating natural life amid the storm downpours in India. The office of watercraft riding is additionally accessible.

General Tips

Abstain from littering inside the recreation center.
Convey your own particular light, cap, sun glasses, mosquito anti-agents and fundamental pharmaceuticals.
Remember to convey your own particular water bottles.
Wear garments with nonpartisan hues, which gel effortlessly with the characteristic environment.
Totally stay away from striking prints and noisy hues.
Abstain from bolstering the creatures or talking in noisy tones.