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Munnar Travel Guide


The Kuttanad are amongst the most interesting backwaters of Kerala. The scenes of Kuttanad are befuddled by the conduits that are flanked by the lavish green paddy fields alongside the development grounds of yam, cassava and banana. The backwaters of Kuttanad are heaven and a perfect destination for appreciating a significant backwater voyage of Kerala. The most ideal approach to investigate these drifting so as to charm backwaters is along in a houseboat and appreciate the beautiful surroundings of this locale.
Extended over a region of 75 kms from Kochi in the north to Kollam in the south, Kuttanad falsehoods sandwiched between the slopes and the ocean. The voyagers visit this spot, for their energy to cross the confounding labyrinth of shining conduits, that includes streams, trenches, lakes and rivulets flanked on either favor the thick tropical greenery and brilliant rustic Keralan way of life, that remaining parts totally avoided the street.
Among the different sights of the Kuttanad backwaters, the most superb makes of the ducks quacking together in high decibels while moving over the backwaters in incredible number being shepherded by men on little pontoons. One can even see individuals jumping down for gathering lime shells from the profundity while some occupied with angling with their nets and conventional stick bushel called 'Ottal'.
Kuttanad Backwater Cruises:
The most really popular outing of the Kuttanad district is the entire day excursion in the middle of Kollam and Alappuzha. Different private tricksters offer their administrations, yet the vital by DTPC and ATDC are keep running on the substitute days. Guests can likewise enlist the twofold decker pontoons which withdraw at 10:30 am. In modification to this, one can likewise book for a contract, a four or six-seater speedboat to voyage along the beautiful backwaters of Kerala.
Town Tours and Canoes:
Since most houseboats are too wide to crush into the restricted channels uniting little towns, to achieve the absolute most ideal yet the remote regions of Kuttanad, one can enlist a punted Canoe. These slower set Canoe makes for less separation to be secured in an hour however make for the most sorted intends to investigate the area. They furnish the guests with the experience of being near the water and the general population occupying the district which guarantees to be generally compensating. There are a substantial number of 'town tours' available in the territory which furnish the guests with the treks to watch pontoon developers, coir creators and rice rancher in real life from lacking elbow room alongside a chance to feast in a conventional Keralan town setting.